Vivian is an extraordinary chiropractor. I have been seeing her regularly for almost two years and every time I leave her office, I feel more alert, aligned and balanced. She has an incredibly gentle and loving touch that always makes me feel supported and cared for. Vivian uses the language of yoga in her practice, which I greatly appreciate because it shows much of her knowledge, consciousness and respect for the human body. I really love and enjoy working with her and recommend her to all my clients and students. 

                                                                                                            Amanda W.



I have nothing but praise for Dr. Vivian Giannakakis. Vivian is not only concerned with adjustments to the spine, she is concerned with one's overall well being. I not only found physical relief from my adjustments, I also received practical advice on how to relieve stress, reduce unhealthy habits and move towards a healthier lifestyle. The physical and mental concern and care I receive by Dr. Giannakakis is second to none and I highly recommend her practice. 

Jonathan W. 



After experiencing the work of different chiropractors with most differing styles, from hands-on mechanical to pure energy work, I found Vivian’s work to be perfectly situated between the two ends of the spectrum. Her intuitive style, positive outlook, mastery of her craft, and holistic approach create the subtle shifts that accompany the transition to improved mind-body health. The work with Vivian supports everything else I do outside her practice. Results I’ve experiences include a more calm body sensation, improved posture, improvement in self-confidence, and reduced aches and pains associated with computer work and a lot of travel. I’m now a steady client and count on the continuing sessions as part of my overall healthy lifestyle program. I look forward to my sessions every time!

                             Tatiana Kaletsch



I recently began seeing Vivian and am so thankful I found her. I have been seeing chiropractors for years, so I am well-versed in what I expect. The office itself is very relaxing and I could feel my stress going down when I walked in. She began by sitting with me and going over my history, questions, issues, etc. She explained and demonstrated what she does and why she does it. She even took out a spine model. Honestly, no one had ever done that before and it gave me such a better understanding of my pain. She really took the time to get to know me. She takes a more holistic approach and believes that when you treat the spine you are effecting every system in your body. I couldn't agree more. The adjustment itself was amazing. I am officially addicted. Since I began seeing her my lower back pain and migraines have disappeared. I also feel more relaxed and less stressed for days after my visit. I HIGHLY recommend her!

                                                                       Rebekah B.



Dr. Vivian is a wonderful chiropractor. She is highly skilled and very compassionate. Her genuine care and attention to each patient as an individual is remarkable. Her philosophy on healthcare and attention to each person as a whole being, and willingness to search for the root cause of a persons ailments is both unusual and refreshing.  Each adjustment is gentle and specifically tailored for the unique needs and preferences of the client. I have never once regretted being under her care. I would highly recommend visiting her office and beginning care. I truly believe it has the potential to better your health and your life. 

Andrea E.