"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven."

Pregnancy & Chiropractic


A pregnant woman’s body goes through countless chemical, physical and emotional changes as she adapts to support the life growing within her. It is important that she be supported through chiropractic care at each stage of her journey. When her spine is lovingly kept in alignment, her body can find balance so that she can enjoy a more comfortable & connected pregnancy.

Infants, Children & Chiropractic

Babies & children innately radiate joy & health. Their precious minds & bodies are changing, growing, & healing from the moment they enter the world.
As they embrace life fully, each milestone they achieve is marked by little bumps, bruises and stresses that their neuro-spinal system must process and integrate.  Anytime they experience more than they are able to process in a given moment, they store that experience in the neuro-spinal system.
As a parent you may or may not observe the signs of these interference in your child’s neuro-spinal system. Your child’s health is not defined by the symptoms they exhibit, but by their physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. When they are able to fully process stress, they express health in every area of their life.
Give your kids one of the biggest gifts you can give them. A nerve system that is free of interference so they can experience life fully!

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