"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Dr. Vivian Giannakakis


As a chiropractic patient I’ve appreciated the continued benefits of the chiropractic adjustment and the journey it has taken me through. It is the reason I am here today, sharing with you my story, and the reason why I am passionate about being a Chiropractor. It began with what I call the “best thing” that happened to me. This took shape as a severe car accident one evening that led me on a path of a months worth of doctor visits. I would say about 2 weeks in I was already fed up with seeing doctors. From the 1-2 hour waiting past my scheduled appointment to the feeling like I was part of an assembly line, I admit I was hesitant to go to see another. However, my massage therapist at the time suggested I should go see a chiropractor. Not having any idea of what a chiropractor did, I already assumed I would be just waiting for some old guy in a white lab coat.

To my surprise it was refreshing to have a completely new experience. Dr. Steve greeted me in jean shorts, tennis shoes and a polo top I thought he was the assistant bringing me to the chiropractor until he sat me down and started explaining how he could help me. 

I realized he was the chiropractor! Dr. Steve explained to me the relationship between the spine and brain/spinal cord, and the importance of keeping it well adjusted and aligned. He spoke to me in terms I could understand and it made sense to me to begin continuous care.  


I was hooked immediately. After a few weeks I felt such great relief from my physical discomfort and then gradually began to notice a difference in how I experience my world. With every adjustment I received I began to feel more of my body, and became more aware of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. I felt as if I was waking up to life for the first time, no longer as if a zombie just going through the motions of life. To me chiropractic saved my life because for the first time it felt like I was truly living it.


I fell in love with chiropractic so much I knew I wanted to become one. After 4 wonderful, and challenging years I graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. I was ready to come back to New York and help those seeking a natural approach to healing their bodies to keep them strong and healthy. Whether infant, child, athlete, pregnant mothers, adult, or elderly it is never too late or too early to care for your spine and body. I am a believer in “walking my talk” and strive daily to keep myself physically fit, mentally clear, and spiritually awake.


To this day I still go back to Steve for my weekly adjustment although now, I get the honor to be his chiropractor.  It would also be a great honor to gain your trust and become your chiropractor, helping you reach your health and life goals.